Personal Articles Floater

A personal articles floater is a separate rider or endorsement that can be added to your homeowners policy for personal items that have a higher value than the limits imposed in your homeowners policy. There are typically nine classes of personal property on the declarations page of the floater that apply to this insurance, and the limit of liability and premium are quoted next to each class. Each class should be fully described on a schedule of covered items with a value attested to by an expert appraiser and submission of a photo, if possible.

The classes are:

  1. Jewelry
  2. Furs and garments trimmed with fur or consisting principally of fur
  3. Fine arts, such as paintings, lithographs…Musical instruments and related articles of equipment, for which you agree not to perform these instruments for pay unless specifically provided under the policy
  4. Silverware, silver-plated ware, goldware, gold-plated ware, and pewter ware, excluding pens, pencils, flasks, smoking implements, and jewelry
  5. Golfer’s equipment, meaning golf clubs, golf clothing, and other golf equipment
  6. Cameras, projection machines, films, and related articles of equipment
  7. Antiques
  8. Postage stamps
  9. Rare and current coins

Discuss with us endorsements, amendments and credits that can be added to customize your Personal Articles Floater policy.

The coverage information outlined herein is a guideline only; refer to the actual policies for full terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations

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